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For safe and efficient feed storage VDL Agrotech offers a wide range of feed storage silos. Filling mechanic or pneumatic or both. The flexible auger ensures optimal feed transport from the silo into the poultry house.

1. Transport Systems

VDL Agrotech offers a wide range of complete feed transport systems for the modern poultry industry. Flexible augers for feed transport from silos to hoppers, intermediate storage with modular silo. Herewith daily feed portions or mixtures weighed with a VDL weigher can be dosed. A micro dosing unit is used to add supplements to the feed.

A. Auger Transport System

  • Centreless rotating auger for reliable feed transport
  • Available for tube diameters 60, 75, 90 and 125 mm
  • Transport capacity ranging from 500kg to 5000 kg per hour
  • Suitable for transportation of pelletized feed, mesh, meal and home mixed feed
  • Pneumatic or electric operated feed outlets can be fitted to the auger systems
  • Wide range of feed intake hoppers and accessories for required configuration
  • Durable equipment, using stainless steel and hot dipped galvanised components
  • Water proof bearing protection, maintenance free
  • Silo booths supplied with cut off slide, designed for fast mounting to the feed intake hopper and easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty, hardened auger material
  • Transport tubes made of UV resistant, wear resistant, smooth wall PVC
  • PE bends available optional, highly wear resistant, ideal for heavy use
  • Including motor protection switch and electronic level sensor

B. Modular Silo

  • VDL Modular silos for inside use with capacity ranging from 500 up to 3500 liters
  • Used for intermediate storage, or as a daily feed ration storage
  • Made of galvanised sendzimir sheet
  • Optionally available including cover and weigher support

C. Batch Weigher

  • Electronic batch weigher for computer-controlled feed dosing
  • Capacity 5-6.5 ton/hr maximum, depending on feed supply capacity
  • Accurate weighing of feed portions using loadcell system
  • Dosing weighing of different feed ingredients to prepare required feed mixture
  • Possibility to separately weigh and dose different feed compositions
  • Controlled by compatible management or feeding computer

D. Filling Augers

  • Fixed or mobile silo filling augers, max. length 12
  • Mechanical filling up to silo height 8 meters
  • Standard 102mm, filling capacity 6 – 12 ton/hour
  • Higher capacities and lengths available on request

2. Silos

  • Silos available in 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.75m, 3.2m and capacities up to 30 metric ton
  • Silo filling either mechanic or pneumatic, or both
  • Pneumatic filling, silos are filled by a bulk truck equipped with pneumatic filling system
  • Silo is equipped with a special steel filling pipe and pvc de-aeriation pipe
  • The system is designed to prevent feed de-mixing during filling and to fill the silo to the maximum level
  • Mechanic filling
  • Silo equipped with a remote opening mechanism for opening and closing of the silo roof lid
  • VDL offers the rigid filling auger, optionally available with movable support for multiple silo use
  • Perfectly sealed off for secure storage
  • Feed remains fresh
  • Silo built of galvanised steel corrugated sheets
  • All connections between sheets are double bolted with corrosion resistant material
  • The galvanised sheet reflects sunlight, preventing heat build-up in the silo
  • Silo standard including inspection glass
  • Options inspection hatch, side ladder, roof ladder and safety cage

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