We are a dynamic company committed in providing turnkey agro-industrial business solutions. Prime Agritech Corporation is the “first” fully technical turnkey integrated farm developer in the Philippines, a hassle-free option for investors in putting up production farm and agro-industries. Our projects are designed and geared towards excellent farm performance and long-term effective usage.


1. Nipple Drinking

The main purpose of the drinking systems is the supply of clean drinking water to your poultry. Of the many advantages of a nipple drinking system, below listed are the main features:

  • Better hygiene
  • Better control of water temperature
  • Minimum of water spillage;
  • The drinking system is easy to clean, and flush by means of incorporated manual or optionally automatic flushing system.
  • Easy access for birds to the drinking water
  • Optimal dosing of medication or other additives to the drinking water
  • Better control of litter quality (dry)
  • Lower humidity and less ammonia in the poultry house



  • Start or midline pressure regulators
  • Endset with flushing system
  • Nipple line sections of 3,03 mtr, with galvanized conduit or aluminum support profile
  • Anti-perch set with wire

2. Medicators

The use of medicators ensures accurate administration of vitamins, minerals and medications to the drinking water. The range of medicators available are:


  • Doses medication by means of waterflow activating the dosing mechanism;
  • Supplied including waterhose, hose sockets and clamps;
  • Different models with each specific wateflow capacity and dosage settings

3. Water Control Panel

Water control panels include the following vital components:

  • A filter, to filtrate and clean the water
  • A mechanical water counter to register the water consumption
  • Two three-way ball valves to create a bypass for the medicator connection
  • Hard board panel on which all components are mounted
  • Available in ¾”and 1” tube diameters
  • A pulse emitter to automatically register the water consumption in the main computer
  • A water valve to allow time controlled allow water delivery
Water Control Panel