We are a dynamic company committed in providing turnkey agro-industrial business solutions. Prime Agritech Corporation is the “first” fully technical turnkey integrated farm developer in the Philippines, a hassle-free option for investors in putting up production farm and agro-industries. Our projects are designed and geared towards excellent farm performance and long-term effective usage.

Company Profile

PRIME AGRITECH CORPORATION is a dynamic company committed in providing turnkey integrated agricultural business solutions beyond investor’s expectations and money’s worth.

It was founded by Dr. Jorge S. Manahan, a veterinarian by profession, who has had extensive experience of more than 16 years in poultry production and animal health, specializing in technology-based tunnel ventilation and evaporative cooling system.

With the years of full immersion to his profession, he became aware of the needs and enhancements the industry requires to further exceed its full growth potential.

His aim in establishing the company was to provide a turnkey integrated agro-industry and farm development solutions that aim to promote innovations through modern automation resulting in better productivity and efficiency. As well as to build and offer the best possible complete agro-industrial or full-circle farm development complete with well designed agricultural structures and complementing quality equipment for a longer effective and efficient utilization.

In a couple of years after the company’s inception, the first-ever “Total Farm Development Concept” was introduced by Prime Agritech Corporation. Struck by luck, the company received a farm site project in need for full development. Its services include three two-story broiler buildings, poultry equipment, complete electrical, water, road network, storage and staff house facilities. This is a pride of the company as it is a first of its kind in the Philippine poultry raising industry, a real pioneer and cemented Doc Jorge’s vision for the industry he belongs to.

To date, Prime Agritech Corporation still stirs up the industry with the Agribuilt brand of prefabricated buildings that the company offers: fully and meticulously designed and conceptualized by its founder as a better alternative to traditional designs in the market. As well as providing high caliber and ultra-reliable farm equipment that maximizes investments and generates satisfactory returns.


To be a dominant provider of turnkey integrated agro-industrial / farm development solutions which aim to promote innovation through modern automation resulting to better productivity and efficiency.


To build the best possible agro-industrial / farm development complete with well-designed agricultural structures and complementing quality equipment for a longer effective and efficient utilization.

Product Range

Prefabricated Buildings, Poultry Automated Equipment for Broilers, Breeders and Layers, Hog Automated Equipment, Hatchery Equipment, Layer Cages and Automated Dressing Plant Equipment

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