We are a dynamic company committed in providing turnkey agro-industrial business solutions. Prime Agritech Corporation is the “first” fully technical turnkey integrated farm developer in the Philippines, a hassle-free option for investors in putting up production farm and agro-industries. Our projects are designed and geared towards excellent farm performance and long-term effective usage.


1. Ventilation

  • Designed to allow minimal air losses
  • Materials resistant against aggressive climate
  • Low noise level

1.1. Air Inlet Valves

  • Inlets made of insulated polyurethane
  • Various capacities with 2050/4100/8750 m3/hr capacity
  • Optional wind pressure cover
  • Optional light traps to dark out the house
  • Ceiling inlets & inlet chimneys for special buildings
  • Electrical and manual winches to operate inlets and curtains
  • Optional automatic opening system for power failures

1.2. Tunnel Inlets

  • Inlets made of insulated Poly Urethane
  • Various capacities with 8750/17500/26750/35000 m3/hr capacity
  • Tunnel inlets with a lenght upto 12 meters
  • Optional automatic opening system in case of power failure

1.3. Curtains

  • Curtains black or blue and white UV resistant for long lifetime
  • Electric winches and manual winches to operate inlets and curtains
  • Safety devices like automatic curtain drop in case of power failure

1.4. Climate Controls

  • Complete range controllers, from basic to high end level
  • Support of all ventilation systems: tunnel, cross, combined ventilation; with or without chimneys
  • All fully automatic
  • Easy to operate
  • Service and local training by VDL Agrotech
  • Very accurate control of the climate for your livestock
  • Low energy consumption
  • Controls ventilation, heating, cooling, light and feeding systems
  • Remote control from central office or mobile devices (smartphone/tablet pc) possible
  • Control panel (switch board) for easy installation on the farm

2. Cooling

2.1 Nozzle Cooling

  • Complete with high-pressure pump, controller, de-aeration valve, suspension, filters
  • Special software with pump protection and flush modus
  • Easy to install also in existing houses
  • Low transport volume


2.2 Pad cooling

  • 100 and 150 mm thickness
  • Modular sets with heights: 1, 1.2 ,1.5 ,1.8 ,2.0 and length up to 24 meters
  • Lower energy consumption then nozzle cooling
  • Less risk of high humidity (self-regulating)
  • PAD’s made of high-quality cellulose resistant against UV and frequent cleaning

3. Heating

3.1 Infrared Brooders

  • Radiation heating directly at the animal
  • Ideal for first days when the day old chicks have to find their own comfort temperature
  • Less energy losses by ceiling and walls
  • Several capacities 5-12 kw
  • High-low and modular control
  • Easy to clean, high quality filter
  • Safe by thermo contact

3.2 Direct Fired Heaters

  • Suitable for natural gas, liquid propane gas and diesel.
  • Fully automatic with burner control unit
  • Heating and mixing contact
  • Continues control of combustion quality for safe operation
  • Special models with separate air intake and exhaust, lower ventilation ratios and lower CO2 and H2O% in the house
  • Including mounting set with suspension, hose and valve

4. Control Units

VDL Agrotech offers a range of systems to control heating, ventilation and cooling. Available in different models to meet each climatic condition. Durable, maintenance friendly and energy efficient.